Thursday, July 25, 2013

Learn the purpose of pigment violent shampoo for blonde hair.

purple shampoo
Learn the purpose of pigment violent shampoo for blonde hair.

On the shelves of beauty shops and markets there is a wide variety of shades with shampoos, perfumes and different models. To make the hair beautiful and always with the desired effect you need to make the right choice, always bearing in mind the need of wires.

Among the several vials of specific products for every type of hair , now there is also a unique one for the blondes. Some women are already using purple shampoo, but not knowing why this hue. The hair blond require special care as the root touch up more often. Another fact is that hair blond need further attention in day-to-day, especially at the time of washing.

The blonde hair, platinum or light-colored locks require special care to avoid the yellowish appearance, which makes the strands with unkempt appearance. Therefore, we created a specific shampoo tinted purple or violet.

 What is the purple shampoo?

The purple shampoo aims to neutralize and correct shades of yellow wires, caused by external agents such as sun, pollution, sea water, chlorine pool and even cigarette smoke.

When applied to the strands, purple shampoo for blonde hair helps bring back the natural color of the wires and leaves more resistant, shiny and soft. In addition, the product also protects the wires against solar radiation, preventing fading.

shampoo purple
With the purple shampoo, hair unkempt anymore.

 Care in the administration of the purple shampoo

To keep the wires always protected and beautiful, you need to take some care in the use of the product, because the purple shampoo can leave dry wires if used exaggerated.

The recommended approach is to use shampoo for blonde hair once a week or if the wires are too yellow. In such cases, the ideal is to use the product on alternate days until the tone disappears. After using the shampoo purple is always necessary to do a good hydration in the wires. Always use quality shampoos and conditioners to maintain the health of the hair on the day.

Care is required when using shampoos pigment violet, because the blond hair absorb the color very fast. Do not exceed the time of 5 minutes with the product, as the hair can become even purple!

 Benefits of shampoo

The violet pigmentation prevents yellowing of white hair or blond. The polymers are cationic silicone derivatives which neutralize the hair fiber.

The shampoo also has in its formulation amino acids that work to maintain the treatment effect and also eliminates the glare and revives the shine of gray or white hair. Furthermore, it provides uniformity of blond or gray, making them brighter, lighter and firmer.  

Use only the required amount of label.

 Now choose a brand that suits you and follow the directions on the label who come. Major doubts can be clarified with your hairdresser.